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The freedom to make mistakes


Our smartphones and tablets are useful tools that keep getting smarter and smarter. Still there is one thing missing – the ability and freedom to make mistakes. If you’re an android user who loves their phone, chances are you install apps…many many apps. Most Android users today use their phone almost as a computer replacement and there’s an app for anything …almost. So you probably have documents, images, music and whatnot on your phone. You use it as a scanner, you take photos with it on a trip, it’s your music player at the gym. Yes, if you’re anything like us, your phone is everything and holds everything. So what happens when you accidentally delete a file? Well, it’s gone. Forever. Unless you have Dumpster!


Dumpster is a recycle bin app, the first ever made for Android and at least according to our users (thank you!) the best ☺. Dumpster allows you the peace of mind, knowing you can restore anything you deleted accidentally or on purpose.

Baloota Apps


Baloota Apps was founded in 2012 by a team of software engineers and IT experts with the passion and the vision to make smart utility apps. We believe that Technology should serve the user, and so we set out to make it do just that!


Dumpster was born one day out of frustration about deleting a file we never meant to delete and upon finding out we were unable to restore it. It started out as a garage venture, which we worked on during what little free time we had but we soon saw the real need for an app like Dumpster, and we took it head on.

Have feedback for us? Bring it on!

Contact us at: support@baloota.com

Dumpster is the first and only (!) Android recycle bin app. Created for real people with love. Because we believe that you should have the freedom to make mistakes!


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