Send a support request

We realize that sometimes apps have a tendency to go haywire. If you need support please contact us directly from within the Dumpster app. This will allow us to also receive a technical data log with your ticket so we can see what happened and help you better and faster!

To send us a support request simply open Dumpster, open the menu, hit the “Need help?” option and choose "Support".


Dumpster works just like the recycle bin on your personal computer. Once installed, Dumpster temporarily contains any deleted file till you decide to permanently delete it. This includes photos, videos, audio files, documents and etc.
This does NOT include files deleted before Dumpster was installed.

Dumpster can only restore data that has been deleted since you installed the app.
Therefore we recommend installing Dumpster as soon as possible!

Dumpster works on non-rooted phones, as well as rooted phones.
However, enabling root access will improve Dumpster performance in regards to memory and battery consumption.
In case you are unfamiliar with the term "root":

Dumpster is a standalone application, which does not depend on internet connection. After you download and install the app, you can use it any time even without being connected.

Dumpster allows you to preview your deleted data before restoring it.

You can restore a single file or multi select and restore a few files at once. Dumpster behaves just like the standard Recycle Bin on your desktop computer.

Loading Dumpster for the first time takes a bit longer. This is because the first time Dumpster is launched an Initialization process is performed.

Unfortunately yes, Dumpster will not perform properly.
You will need to change your task killer configuration, so that it won't interfere with Dumpster processes.

Dumpster is a registered patent pending Recycle Bin for Android, which means that without explicit approval from Baloota Applications Ltd, it cannot be imitated/copied/used, etc. This is in accordance with patent pending Law.
US Patent Pending No. 61/619,441

Dumpster uses the following permissions:

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE For restoring files
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED For Dumpster to automatically start after system has finished booting
READ_SMS For protecting text messages
WRITE_SMS For restoring text messages
READ_CONTACTS For protecting contacts
WRITE_CONTACTS For restoring contacts
WAKE_LOCK For restoring activity when the screen is off
READ_LOGS For analyzing application crashes. We refer the last few seconds prior to the crash.
READ_PHONE_STATE For in-app billing purposes only
INTERNET For Ads & in-app billing
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE For in-app billing purposes only
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE For in-app billing purposes only
WRITE_SETTINGS For in-app billing purposes only
BILLING For Google Play in-app billing purposes only
GET_ACCOUNTS For purchasing through Google Login

Dumpster can restore all types of deleted files (image, audio, video, document, compressed, etc.)

The following list details the file types that Dumpster supports:
(if you would like to add a file type to the list please contact us)

Image files:

"2bp", "360", "abm", "accountpicture-ms", "acorn", "afx", "agif", "agp", "apd", "apng", "apx", "art", "asw", "avatar", "awd", "blkrt", "bm2", "bmc", "bmp", "bss", "can", "cd5", "cdg", "cin", "cit", "colz", "cpc", "cpg", "cps", "cpt", "csf", "dcm", "dds", "dib", "djvu", "dm3", "dmi", "dpx", "dt2", "dtw", "dvl", "ecw", "epp", "exr", "fits", "fpos", "fpx", "gbr", "gcdp", "gif", "gih", "gim", "hdp", "hdr", "hdrp", "hpi", "i3d", "info", "ipx", "itc2", "ithmb", "iwi", "j2c", "jb2", "jbig2", "jbr", "jia", "jng", "jp2", "jpc", "jpeg", "jpg", "jps", "jpx", "jxr", "kdi", "lif", "mat", "max", "mbm", "mix", "mng", "mnr", "mpf", "mpo", "mrxs", "msp", "mxi", "myl", "ncd", "oc3", "oc4", "oc5", "oci", "omf", "ota", "pat", "pbm", "pcd", "pcx", "pdd", "pdn", "pe4", "pgf", "pgm", "pi2", "pic", "picnc", "pict", "pictclipping", "pixadex", "pmg", "png", "pnm", "pns", "pov", "ppf", "ppm", "prw", "psb", "psd", "psdx", "pse", "psf", "psp", "pspbrush", "pspimage", "ptg", "ptx", "pvr", "px", "pxd", "pxm", "pxr", "pzp", "qmg", "qti", "qtif", "ras", "rif", "rle", "rli", "rpf", "s2mv", "sct", "sdr", "sid", "sig", "skitch", "skm", "spa", "spe", "sph", "spj", "spp", "spr", "sup", "tbn", "tex", "tg4", "tga", "thm", "thumb", "tif", "tiff", "tjp", "tn", "tpf", "tps", "vss", "wb1", "wbc", "wbd", "wbmp", "wbz", "webp", "xcf", "xpm", "yuv", "zif"

Video files:

"3g2", "3gp", "3gp2", "3gpp", "3p2", "890", "aaf", "aec", "aep", "aepx", "aetx", "ajp", "ale", "amc", "amv", "amx", "arcut", "arf", "asf", "asx", "avb", "avi", "avp", "avs", "avv", "axm", "bdm", "bdmv", "bdt3", "bik", "bmk", "bsf", "camproj", "camrec", "ced", "cine", "cip", "clpi", "cmmp", "cmmtpl", "cmproj", "cmrec", "cpi", "cst", "d2v", "d3v", "dat", "dce", "dck", "dcr", "dir", "divx", "dmsd", "dmsd3d", "dmsm", "dmss", "dmx", "dpa", "dpg", "dream", "dv", "dv-avi", "dvdmedia", "dvr", "dvr-ms", "dvx", "dxr", "dzm", "dzp", "dzt", "edl", "evo", "eye", "ezt", "f4p", "f4v", "fbr", "fbz", "fcp", "fcproject", "flc", "flh", "fli", "flv", "gfp", "gts", "hdmov", "hkm", "ifo", "imovieproj", "imovieproject", "ircp", "ism", "ismc", "ismv", "ivr", "izz", "izzy", "jss", "jts", "jtv", "m1pg", "m21", "m2p", "m2t", "m2ts", "m2v", "m4v", "mani", "mgv", "mj2", "mjp", "mk3d", "mkv", "mnv", "mod", "moi", "mov", "mp21", "mp4", "mpeg", "mpg", "mpgindex", "mpl", "mpls", "mpv", "mqv", "msdvd", "mse", "mswmm", "mts", "mtv", "mvd", "mve", "mvp", "mvy", "mxf", "mxv", "ncor", "nsv", "nuv", "nvc", "ogm", "ogv", "ogx", "otrkey", "pac", "pds", "pgi", "photoshow", "piv", "plproj", "pmf", "ppj", "prel", "pro", "prproj", "prtl", "psh", "pxv", "qtl", "qtz", "r3d", "rcd", "rcproject", "rdb", "rec", "rm", "rmd", "rmp", "rms", "rmvb", "roq", "rsx", "rum", "rv", "rvl", "sbk", "scc", "scm", "screenflow", "sedprj", "seq", "sfvidcap", "siv", "smi", "smil", "smk", "sqz", "srt", "stl", "stx", "svi", "swf", "swi", "swt", "tda3mt", "thp", "tivo", "tix", "tod", "tp", "tp0", "tpd", "tpr", "trp", "ts", "tsp", "ttxt", "tvs", "usf", "usm", "vc1", "vcpf", "vcv", "vdo", "vdr", "veg", "vep", "vf", "vfz", "vgz", "viewlet", "vlab", "vob", "vp6", "vp7", "vpj", "vro", "vsp", "wcp", "webm", "wlmp", "wmd", "wmmp", "wmv", "wmx", "wp3", "wpl", "wtv", "wvx", "xej", "xel", "xesc", "xfl", "xlmv", "xvid", "y4m", "yuv", "zm1", "zm2", "zm3", "zmv"

Audio files:

"3ga", "4mp", "8svx", "a2m", "aa", "aa3", "aac", "aax", "abc", "abm", "ac3", "acd", "acd-bak", "acd-zip", "acm", "act", "adg", "adt", "adts", "afc", "agm", "agr", "aif", "aifc", "aiff", "akp", "alc", "als", "amf", "amr", "ams", "amxd", "amz", "aob", "ape", "apl", "asd", "at3", "au", "aud", "aup", "band", "bap", "bdd", "bidule", "bun", "bwf", "bww", "caf", "caff", "cda", "cdda", "cdlx", "cdo", "cdr", "cel", "cfa", "cidb", "ckb", "conform", "copy", "cpr", "cpt", "csh", "cts", "cwb", "cwp", "dcf", "dcm", "dct", "dewf", "df2", "dfc", "dig", "dls", "dm", "dmf", "dmsa", "dmse", "dra", "drg", "ds2", "dsf", "dsm", "dss", "dtm", "dts", "dtshd", "dvf", "dwd", "efa", "efk", "efq", "efs", "efv", "emd", "emp", "emx", "esps", "f2r", "f32", "f3r", "f4a", "f64", "fdp", "fev", "flac", "flp", "frg", "fsb", "fsm", "ftm", "fzf", "fzv", "g721", "g723", "g726", "gbs", "gig", "gp5", "gpbank", "gpk", "gpx", "groove", "gsm", "hsb", "ics", "iff", "igp", "isma", "iti", "k26", "kar", "kfn", "koz", "kpl", "krz", "ksf", "kt3", "la", "logic", "lso", "lwv", "m3u", "m3u8", "m4a", "m4b", "m4p", "m4r", "ma1", "mbr", "med", "mgv", "mid", "midi", "miniusf", "mka", "mmf", "mmm", "mmp", "mo3", "mod", "mp2", "mp3", "mpa", "mpc", "mpdp", "mpga", "mscz", "mte", "mtf", "mti", "mtm", "mtp", "mts", "mus", "mux", "mx5", "mxmf", "myr", "nbs", "ncw", "nkb", "nkc", "nki", "nkm", "nks", "nkx", "nra", "nrt", "nsa", "nsf", "nst", "ntn", "nwc", "odm", "oga", "ogg", "okt", "oma", "omf", "omg", "omx", "ots", "ove", "ovw", "pca", "pcast", "pcg", "peak", "pek", "pk", "pkf", "pla", "pls", "ply", "pna", "psf", "psm", "ptf", "ptm", "pts", "qcp", "r1m", "ra", "ram", "rax", "rbs", "rex", "rfl", "rip", "rmi", "rmj", "rmx", "rng", "rns", "rol", "rsn", "rso", "rti", "rx2", "s3i", "s3m", "sap", "sbi", "sc2", "scs11", "sd", "sd2", "sdat", "sds", "seq", "ses", "sesx", "sf2", "sfk", "sfl", "shn", "sib", "slp", "slx", "sma", "smf", "smp", "snd", "sng", "sou", "sppack", "sprg", "sseq", "stap", "stm", "stx", "sty", "svd", "swa", "sxt", "syh", "syn", "syw", "syx", "tak", "td0", "tg", "tta", "txw", "u", "uax", "ult", "uni", "usf", "usflib", "uw", "uwf", "vag", "vap", "vc3", "vlc", "vmd", "vmo", "voc", "vox", "voxal", "vpl", "vpm", "vqf", "vrf", "vsq", "vyf", "w01", "w64", "wav", "wave", "wax", "wfb", "wfd", "wfp", "wma", "wow", "wpk", "wpp", "wproj", "wrk", "wus", "wut", "wv", "wvc", "wve", "wwu", "xa", "xfs", "xm", "xrns", "xspf", "zpl", "zvd"

Document files:

"abw", "bib", "eml", "fdx", "lit", "lst", "odt", "sig", "tex", "wps", "wpt", "yml", "doc", "docx", "msg", "pages", "rtf", "txt", "wpd", "nb", "numbers", "ods", "qpw", "sdc" , "wks", "xltm", "xltx", "xlr", "xls", "xlsx", "htm", "html", "pps", "ppt", "pptx", "epub", "csv", "xslt", "xsl", "xfdf", "pdf", "wb3", "vdx", "tpz", "qvw", "ppsx", "pptm", "pdx", "odp", "mpx", "mpp", "enex", "ics", "icz", "323", "uls", "mml", "asc", "text", "diff", "pot", "rtx", "ts", "phps", "tsv", "boo", "h++", "hpp", "hxx", "hh", "c++", "cpp", "cxx", "h", "htc", "csh", "c", "d", "hs", "java", "lhs", "moc", "p", "pas", "gcd", "etx", "tcl", "ltx", "sty", "cls", "vcs", "vcf", "mobi", "prc", "azw", "azw1", "zip", "rar", "tar", "arc", "apk"

Other files:

"7z", "apk", "arc", "boo", "c", "c++", "cpp", "csh", "cxx", "d", "etx", "gcd", "h", "h++", "hh", "hpp", "hs", "htc", "hxx", "java", "lhs", "moc", "p", "pas", "php", "rar", "tar", "tcl", "vcf", "vcs", "zip"

Reviews and Tutorials

Dumpster is a pretty straightforward app but we love it when users review the app and help others operate it. Below is a collection of video reviews of Dumpster (see our Press section for more!). If you want to review Dumpster and want us to include your video – send us a link!