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4 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Your Android Device

Did you just realize you accidentally deleted an important photo off of your Android phone or tablet? Rest assured that the photo most likely isn’t gone forever. In fact, there are multiple ways to restore deleted photos, videos, documents, and other files these days. 

In this article, we’ll outline four different ways to try to retrieve your deleted photo. 

1. Recover Deleted Photos with Dumpster

Download Dumpster for free on the Google Play Store. Once Dumpster is on your device, the app will start backing up any deleted videos. Once they are detected they’ll appear in Dumpster’s Recycle Bin.

Tap open the Dumpster’s Recycle Bin, and tap the video you want to restore to your Android device. Just like that the video will instantly be restored back to your device gallery.  

Dumpster is one of the only apps with the highest success rate of finding and recovering photos and is used by millions of people every year. The app can also restore other file types such as videos, songs, PDFs, apps, and documents. 

After it recovers your deleted photo we highly recommend keeping the app installed as a backup for your phone or tablet. Dumpster has a better chance of restoring lost photos & videos if you accidentally delete the file while it’s installed.

2. Recover Deleted Photos on the Cloud

If you have a cloud storage app installed on your device, your deleted photo probably isn’t deleted! It’s probably sitting in the cloud. 

The reason behind this is that if you delete a file from your phone’s photo storage, it won’t delete the photo from the cloud platform you’re using. To retrieve your photo odds are all you need to do is open the cloud app and check to see if the photo automatically backed up to the cloud before you deleted it.  

3. Recover Deleted Photos on Google Photos

If you’re still reading this article, odds are you’re an Android user. That said, Google Photos is most likely installed on your device. Google Photos is also a cloud storage app which means you should check this app for the photo as well. 

To do this, tap on the Trash. If you found the photo in the trash long-hold on the file and then select Restore. Google Photos should automatically move it back to normal. 

4. Recover Deleted Android Photos From Your SD Card

If you can’t find your missing photo with Dumpster or any cloud apps, you’ll need to go to the last resort option which is manually retrieving the photo from your phone’s SD card. This method is a bit more technical than relying on mobile apps, but if the photo is extremely important it’s worth giving this a shot. 

Here’s the step by step process: 

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