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Best Android Cloud Backups for Photos

Just ran out of device storage? We feel you. Running out of space is the worst, which is why we curated our top picks for best Android Cloud backups. Every app mentioned in this list is trusted, encrypted, and safe to use. 

Please note, these cloud apps are not ranked in any specific order. 


With Dumpster, you can free up all of the valuable storage space on your device and store photos, videos, and documents to the cloud instead. Dumpster cloud backup is a premium feature, that gives users the freedom to save all their content across all devices. Users only pay for as little or as much cloud storage as they need. 

Google Photos

The official Google Photos app is a great option for anyone who regularly uses GSuite. The app includes must-have features such as shared albums and editing. Users can choose to automatically back up their photos and videos. Google Photos is great for free cloud storage and works seamlessly across all devices. 

Verizon Cloud

No, Verizon Cloud isn’t just for Verizon subscribers! Available to all users, Verizon Cloud is a great option to safely back up photos, videos, documents, and just about anything across any device – Android or Apple. Keep your entire digital life secure and in one dedicated place! 

Verizon Cloud also has a ton of premium features available such as: photo prints, advanced editing functionality, TV casting, and syncing across devices. 


You can’t go wrong with Dropbox! Dropbox is a trusted Android (and iOS) cloud storage app that lets anyone upload all kinds of files to the cloud – which also allows sharing. With Dropbox, you can back up photos, videos, docs, and miscellaneous files to the cloud and access synced files with any of your devices.

Dropbox’s basic plan is typically enough free cloud storage for the average user, but they also offer a more comprehensive plan for those that need a ton of storage. 


Box was a PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award winner for a reason! This cloud app is especially great for busy professionals that live in documents, PDFs, and files. Box offers amazing features such as accessing work & files at a glance, synced devices, feedback & commenting and sharing functionalities.  

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