Category: General.

How Can I Change Languages?

To change the languages in Dumpster, go to your Settings. To do so, click on More which is located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Tap “Language.” Select your language of choice. To see what languages Dumpster is available in, click or tap here.

What Permissions Does Dumpster Require?

We only ask that you allow Dumpster certain permissions in order to use the app correctly. Here are the following permissions Dumpster requires, along with the reasons as to why it needs access to them:  Storage: For accessing the device storage Contacts: Only required for Dumpster Cloud activation Please note, we do not ever access...

What’s the Dumpster “Recycle Bin”?

Just like on your laptop, if you delete a file, it will go straight to Dumpster’s Recycle Bin where you can restore it if needed. It’s an easy way to restore any file that you accidentally delete! You can preview any of your files in Dumpster. The Recycle Bin can actually save images, audio, documents,...