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Can I Restore a File I Deleted Before I Download Dumpster?

Yes, you can! With Deep Scan Recovery, you’ll be able to restore any photo, video, audio, or document file that was deleted before you downloaded Dumpster. Find out more about Deep Scan Recovery here

What Files Types Does Dumpster Store?

Dumpster is able to store almost all forms of file types. The entire list can be found here.  Dumpster stores: Most photo, video, & audio files and documents  Deleted apps and previous versions of apps  Dumpster does not store: Whatsapp, Telegram, or any other messaging app contents Phone or device contacts

Deleting Files from Dumpster

To delete a file, simply tap the file, and press delete. Files that are stored in Dumpster will remain there for as long as you have the app installed. If you’d like, you can also change your device settings to auto-clean after a predesignated amount of time. To do so, tap on the button located...