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How to Recover Deleted Apps on Android

Accidentally deleted an app on your device? Lost all of your content & data? With Dumpster, you can instantaneously restore any app that you may have deleted. Here’s how. 

Dumpster is mainly used for recovering deleted photos & videos. However, it can also restore apps! Dumpster is able to scan your device for the app’s APK file and recover most of its data. 

To start, download Dumpster for free on the Google Play Store.  

How to Restore Deleted Apps on Dumpster

Dumpster has the ability to restore most deleted apps and the content you previously had stored on that app. Crazy right? If you’re curious as to how the magic works, here’s how the file restoration process works in a nutshell:

Once you download Dumpster, the app will begin recovering any of your old deleted files. Please note, Dumpster will scan your device for all deleted files, including photos, videos, and documents, in addition to just APK files. Once your content is detected you’ll notice that your Recycle Bin will begin populating with those old deleted files.

All you need to do next, is select the file(s) you wish to undelete. Almost instantaneously, all apps and files will appear back to normal on your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re an avid gamer, app-lover, or just tend to be clumsy ー we recommend you download Dumpster to prevent permanently deleting other apps. You’re better off safe than sorry! Plus, Dumpster is also capable of restoring accidentally deleted photos, videos, audio files, and documents. All of your bases will be covered with Dumpster as a backup. 

Recover Deleted Apps with Dumpster Today!

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