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Android vs. iPhone – Which is Best for Photography?

Here at Baloota, we're Android all the way. We create apps for Android devices, including Dumpster and Cover. The latter is essential for anybody that wants to protect their privacy after taking snapshots. Let's review the difference between iOS and Android regarding taking – and editing or storing – pictures.

Issues with Apps Running on Android

We appreciate that Android apps can sometimes cause headaches for users. That's why we drew up this guide to common pain points with Android apps and how a user can resolve them.

What Does Rooting an Android Device Mean?

This practice first gained attention with the earliest generation of iPhones. When performing this process on an iOS appliance, it is known as "jailbreaking."

Developing an Android app

When developing an Android app, you need to understand that it will be designed exclusively for a smaller screen and can get a user from A to B substantially faster. Apps can also tailor specialist services to portable device users.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Photographers

Digital cameras and smartphones have changed this. Anybody can embrace the art of photography in the modern era. What's more, external apps ensure that tweaks, filters and adjustments can be made instantly.

10 Most Useful Android Apps in Everyday Life

Picture the scene. You have been chosen to make first contact with an alien race, and they notice your smartphone in your hand. “What’s that?” they ask.  You explain that it’s a tiny piece of technology that ensures you can listen to any song, watch any movie, research any subject or purchase any item –...

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